About Us

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Healing & Growth with Christ in Safe Relationships

We are a church of people in the San Jose area whose lives have been profoundly changed by God and his son Jesus Christ. We believe growth with God is an ongoing process of seeking and requires support and love from others in the body of Christ. We are a community that cares about others and we are committed to helping wherever we can.

We believe the bible is the word of God. We don’t believe that we have all the answers to understanding the bible, but we are endeavoring to grow and learn more.

We Are an Accepting and Welcoming Church

We are a church of seekers. We believe that none of us as mere human beings hold the truth, but that truth does exist. We value the pursuit of truth. We believe this requires humility and openness.

We recognize growth is a journey. We empower and encourage people to take ownership in their freedom to choose what they believe. We respect other faiths and views and find value and goodness in views other than our own. We welcome all wherever they may be in their spiritual journey.

We are passionate about seeking personal and spiritual growth. We believe that cannot be accomplished without others. God’s provided the Body of Christ to support growth. We believe all people have struggles, have been hurt and need healing. The bible talks about this being our sin nature. In order to overcome these hurts it’s important to have an environment of grace where people can talk about things without fear of condemnation and judgment. We recognize growth is a journey. There is no perfection.

We desire to reach out to others to share the peace, joy and freedom we’ve found in Christ. If you are located in the San Jose area, we want to meet you! Visit one of our Sunday Morning church services in San Jose, search for a home fellowship near you, or contact us for any additional information.

Our Church’s Fellowship Group Locations and Events

Searchlight Fellowship’s main service meets on Sundays at the Sherman Oaks Elementary School for those in the San Jose California area. However, Searchlight members host home fellowships across many areas of California surrounding San Jose, including Los Angeles, Los Gatos, San Francisco and more!

Whether led by our senior pastor, Nancy Berwid, at our church in San Jose, or a Searchlight Ambassador in another city in the area, Searchlight is a close community of people dedicated to Christ and one another.

We enjoy seeing our entire fellowship at our yearly retreats and workshops, such as The Dating Workshop, Journey to Freedom summer retreat and Seeker’s Retreat. These weekend events bring us closer to God and enhance our lives and relationships! We welcome those who are not regular attendees to our events as well. For more information on our events, please contact us.