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Home Fellowships

Why Join a Home Fellowship (In Person or Virtually)?

We believe in the life-changing power of fellowship and believe the most healing and growth happens when people are in a home fellowship setting (virtually and in person)—we are passionate about bringing people together to build our faith, discover our unique gifts and ability to give and serve, and get closer to God and Jesus Christ.  We are excited to be able to offer this opportunity to people throughout the Bay Area!

Our society has conditioned us to rely on our own abilities and to look to ourselves to solve to our life’s problems and difficulties.  This “go at it alone” approach and keeping our thoughts and feelings to ourselves has eventually left many of us to face challenges that ultimately we cannot overcome or understand on our own.  In our home fellowships, we face the real issues of life as we explore how well our lives are working or not working and seek new ways to grow and connect by living and breathing God’s word, that brings different and often life changing results and have us feeling more connected to our purpose, joy, and passion in life.

Find a Welcoming Home Fellowship

Searchlight Home Fellowships are an opportunity, once a week, to get together to fellowship with one another, and to receive support and prayer; a place where we can be real and share their hearts without fear of being judged. The ultimate goal of each home fellowship is to further our spiritual and personal growth, to deepen our relationship with God and Jesus Christ, and to strengthen our connection with other believers and friends who want to explore getting to know Jesus.

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Interested in Become a Hero?

Ever think about finding purpose and having utter joy in life and making a difference?  You can be a HERO by opening up your home, having friends and family over and having fun!  Faith and fun should go hand in hand, and by being hospitable and opening your homes up (virtually for now) as a safe, renewal of minds, God-sized vision-type of environment can be a sure-fire way to stay LIT yourself as well as helping others to be lit in every area of their lives as well!

To learn more about hosting, please fill out this HOST INQUIRY FORM and a host mentor will contact you!