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Annual Impact Offering


We are THRILLED to share with you news about our 2020 Annual Impact Offering that begins now and continues through December 31st, 2020.  As we reflect on this year which came with so much loss, a global pandemic, national heart-wrenching racial injustice, and unprecedented fire disasters we can’t help but feel an IMMENSE sense of GRATITUDE for your desire to give back!  We have watched God do BIG miracles, signs, and wonders through you despite the darkness that came in 2020.  You have proven that the light of Christ cannot be stopped!  It’s amazing that several years back now, our church started from just a handful of people to a thriving and growing community with many new online home fellowship locations, out of state people, and people from other countries joining in online!  2020 has taught us that believing in what God says is POSSIBLE can help us make an even greater IMPACT in the Bay Area in 2021!  With this special IMPACT offering, we have the opportunity to further God’s love, truth, and grace in the community around us and the world at large!  LET’S GO!  

Last year’s Annual Impact Offering helped fund all of the AMAZING initiatives below.  LET’S DO IT AGAIN IN 2021!

Community and Youth Outreach

  • You gave towards Foster the Bay, their mission is to provide a loving home for every child in foster care.
  • You funded Therapy for Black Girls and Therapy for Black Men. Online sites dedicated to mental wellness.
  • You helped Martha’s Kitchen with much needed supplies that helped distribute 100,000 hot meals in one month alone!
  • You gave towards Huckleberry Youth Program which helps homeless youth. You provided sweatpants, sweaters, sandals, shirts, socks, hygiene, and skincare products. Go, Jesus!
  • You also helped provide groceries for people in our community who lost wages due to COVID-19. THANK YOU!
  • Thank you for giving to Loaves and Fishes Family Kitchen which also feeds low-income families, veterans and seniors.
  • Your donations also helped the LifeMoves COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund to shelter and protect vulnerable homeless.
  • Our state was devastated by wildfires and YOUR giving helped fund our local Red Cross to aid those in need.
  • You also made a global impact by helping fund The Castaneda Kids Foundation which helps needy families in El Salvador, as well as the Lebanese Red Cross which helped, aid victims of the massive explosion that occurred in the city of Beirut. 

Evangelism and Discipleship

  • The Dating Workshop, I Choose, Light Up The Darkness, Get Lit, and the CALLED (still underway) fellowship series’, continue to be a vehicle for others to experience God’s GRACE, liberating TRUTH, and LOVE through Jesus’ transforming POWER!
  • We had 720 people register for fellowships in 2020, many first-timers and people recommitted their lives to Jesus along with several making Jesus their personal Lord and savior!  Go, Jesus!
  • We successfully trained many new hosts in 2020 who are reaching people from all around the world.
  • We launched new online fellowships throughout The Bay.  We are immensely grateful for these AMAZING HOSTS who have stepped up and have now successfully launched their very own online fellowships!  YOU ARE DOING WHAT JESUS SAYS MATTERS MOST IN THIS LIFE!  We are so proud to have you!
  • We are passionate about our online home fellowship church that is run by passionate volunteers and that as a result, we can have their giving go to help others in need!
  • ALSO! Your decision to automate your giving is NOT a small thing.  Because of YOU, we were ready to serve without hesitation!  Searchlight reached those that are hungry for God, those that are lost and in fear to experience the love of Jesus online every week!  YOU DID IT!  Let us reach more to hear the word of God in the new year!  THANK YOU! 

We hope you are thrilled to learn about this exciting opportunity for us to give sacrificially.  Will you begin praying now about what God would have you give over and above your regular giving to the 2020 Annual Impact Offering? 

Allow God to stretch your faith!  We love watching the faith of our people!  Let’s allow God to stretch us and watch Him move.

Update:  We are moving our donation/giving platform to PushPay to make it easier to give online as well as on our Searchlight Fellowship app!  Please note the changes below and thank you for your patience as we transition in this area!

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