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Our Stories


How has this church changed my life? Well I’d like to think that Searchlight has lead me to the truth, with A LOT of love. This group of individuals, in what is now my church, has helped me to find the path that is leading me to discovering my true self. Looking back, I realize that I’ve become a combination of different influences throughout my life, much of which I don’t think God intended on. I always liked to think that I was my own person, but in reality I was just the result of a lot of worldly conditioning and false beliefs of what a “man” should be. Searchlight didn’t turn me away or even judge me when I came around with those patterns and habits. They taught me what grace was, accepted me, and helped me make my own decisions. The right decisions, in my opinion, that we all know but are hard to make in a world that validates and rewards so many of the wrong ones.

This church has helped me to be open, get things off my chest and get feedback and wisdom spoken into my life. Searchlight has provided me with examples of real men and role models who take responsibility and take the lead and don’t pretend like they have everything together, cause who has it all together? Searchlight has given me hope that I can someday have a successful marriage and family. I look around today and all I see is divorce and unhappy couples. My church has given me examples of real women who have the qualities that I’d like to have in a wife someday.

Searchlight has given me a renewed relationship with God and his son Jesus Christ. I now know that God loves me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I’m learning what grace is all about and how freely God gives it. Searchlight has shown me the power of prayer and opened up a new layer in me that truly believes and expects my prayers to be answered! I feel alive, free and hopeful. I’ve always said that I want the BEST of life. Who better to help me out with that than the Creator of the Universe? Searchlight has helped me to see that.