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Find your Fit at our “Cool” Church in the San Jose Area

The pastors Searchlight Fellowship talk about relevant issues, focusing on what matters most to you. We’re not about appearances; we’re about experiences. That’s why, when you visit our church in San Jose and experience a genuine, contemporary worship service, you’ll find a community of people open and accepting of you, your true self … not just your Sunday best.

We’re considered to be a “cool” church in the San Jose area because we’ve got a great, hip, young congregation that is excited about making the most out of life and developing a true relationship with God. While the typical member of our church are in their teens, twenties and thirties, we’re a church that welcomes everyone, regardless of their age, faith or where they are on their spiritual journey. Our members think Searchlight is pretty cool, because we are accepting of everyone.

So, come, join us every Sunday at 11am for our main service. In addition to our Sunday, church service in San Jose, we offer retreats and workshops to give you the tools you need as you journey down your unique spiritual path.

Building Lasting Relationships at our Modern Church Services in San Jose

At our Christian church in San Jose, we value relationships of every kind—the ones we have with one another, in our congregation, and the ones we cherish outside of church. Searchlight is with you on your journey, always here to point you back to the true relationship expert: Jesus Christ.

Worship Services that are Fun and Moving

Just like any current church in the San Jose area, our service includes worship and Bible study. Yet, Searchlight offers more. You get the chance to delve into the important topics—even the difficult ones—in a safe, non-judging, cool atmosphere. And most importantly, you’ll enjoy a deeper relationship with God as you develop meaningful relationships with others.

A “Cool” Take on Retreats and Workshops in San Jose

Expand the fellowship you enjoy at our main services during a fast-moving, powerful weekend. We offer two different retreats: Seekers Retreat and Journey to Freedom Summer Retreat. If you want to create a more meaningful relationship with God, our retreats are just the ticket.

If you find yourself falling out of love or not finding true love at all, we’re the church in San Jose that can help you with our different take on dating workshops. During The Dating Workshop, you’ll focus on how you can have the tools to become the person you want to be, the person ready to cultivate a long-lasting, solid relationship.

If you’re looking for a cool church in the Bay Area, you’ve come to the right place. At Searchlight, you’ll find the high energy, supportive and accepting community you’ve been searching for.


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