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A Young Adult Church All About Making Real Connections

It’s a fast-paced world. Connections are being made left and right at the click of a mouse. But what we’re finding is the more virtual connections young adults are making, the further they feel from the real-life connections that give meaning to life. That’s where our young adult church in the San Jose area comes in.

If you’re researching young adult churches in San Jose, you’ll feel welcome here at Searchlight. Whether you attend one of our various home fellowships, or our main church service, our congregation is predominantly people in their teens, twenties and thirties. We are a breath of fresh air: a young adult church offering a progressive, hip worship service and a judgment-free zone in the San Jose area.

Moving, Progressive Services Making Real-World Connections to Important Spiritual Matters

The contemporary church services offered at our young adult church in San Jose are moving and inspiring. We bring to light universal truths found in the Bible in a real-world way, perfect for young adults.

The worship services at our young adult church in the San Jose area also incorporate and encourage fellowship. Our community is made up of people at all stages of their personal journey with Christ.

A Judgment-free Zone

We’re a non-denominational young adult church. That means we have open arms for anyone, regardless of faith, age or current relationship with God.

We know as humans we don’t have all the answers. What we also know is there are some powerful universal truths that can have an impact, opening the way to a fulfilling life. This is the foundation we want to provide to our young adults. When you come to our church, you feel safe to be the person you really are because you know you’ll be accepted.

Teen Fellowship

If you’re between the ages of 12 and 19, we’d like to hang out with you! We know the struggles you face are like nothing past generations have experienced. We also know what a true relationship with God, combined with a network of friends that really care about you (not just “friend” you), can mean as you make your way in life.

That’s why we’ve developed our Teen Fellowship program, a safe-haven where you can truly open up to others without feeling judged. It’s the place where cultivating a real relationship with God is cool and accepted.

Come to one of our Sunday morning church services at 11am held at our young adult church in San Jose or check out our Teen Fellowship. We’d love to have you join us as we all experience the real connections made with true friends and God.

If you have any questions about our young adult and teen programs, please contact us today!


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